5x20+ member compilation videos

Hello everyone (or those who still follow me )!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Literally starting this decade with a lj post after my last one that was 10/11 years ago haha

I was never good at writing posts and never figured out how to write one on lj, with cuts and stuff, so I apologize for this very bad one.

I've posted 5 (+2 xD) videos on twitter of the fc-only 5x20 post-con videos that I compiled and cut according to each member, and got very nice feedback and even some who requested me to upload them for download.
I had originally inteded to take them down after a while, since I don't want to get into trouble for posting FC-only content. (But I mean, they're cut and compiled so it's pretty out of context I would say xD)

So, now I've tried to actually put my MEGA desktop app to another use beside downloading and figured out how to upload something and share links to files haha

Long story short, I decided to share the 5x20 member compilations in this post, for anyone who's interested.

Collapse )

I hope you enjoy them ~ <3

PS: This is my first attempt of making an lj cut (after 11 years of having lj...), and I have no idea if it worked, so .... *hides*

PPS: OMG it actually worked, I'm so happy~~

My personal tribute...

this is not arashi-related...
but HE sure had an influence on their work!!!

So if you want, I posted some pictures of my artwork and cd-, dvd - collection... on my facebok account...

I never took pictures of them ever, but I wanted to share it now, to show the world what this man meant to me...

You might think it's weird, but I would be happy ...^^...he would be ...

I have no clue bout lj-cuts ( tried once and it didn't work) so here's the link:

here's a preview:

those who don't have a fb account and want to see the pics,
leave a comment and i'll post them here as well

My love is gone...

...and i still can't believe...
it was like a joke first... but then...
I'm speechless...words aren't enough to express my shock,sadness,hopelessness....

He was ... my room,all of his posters are staring down to me, i'm wearing a MJ neclace, but i can't look at it....

My heart broke into 1000s of pieces , i feel shattered...
There's nothing i can say more...

I won't accept this!!! He will never ...I don't wanna say or write the word, cause it's just not true!!! He is a legend and he changed the world in many ways!! He was my ...angel...

The tears won't come anymore...i feel so ...

The only thing that cheeres me up a bit is that he is released now, from all this pain he has suffered all the years... may you rest in peace...
you'll be always in my heart....

-me-chan ( a dreamer, just like him...)-

Met an EXTRA who acted with.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I still can't believe it!!!!!!!!

I had contact with someone who had contact wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith..... *DAN DAN DAN*


O. M.G...........

ok a summary of today:

This week the International Animation Film Festival took place in Stuttgart!!!!
and i of course looked up the programme for japanese animes and stuff ne

and i found out there would also be LIFE PAINTING of a japanese artist!!!!!!!!!!!
i went there with my mum on tuesday and we saw HER
she was dressed in a i think selfmade kimono ( sooooo cool,so cuuuute,so craaaazyxDDD) she also did some paintings on it (damn I should have taken some pics!!!)

the painting was around 5 meters wide and 2 meters high ( i think, am really not good in estimating^^;;)

anyways, it was sugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,she surely is a great painter!!!!!!!!!!! Too good to draw in a side street of stuttgart where a so called festival should be but people just go to ,to eat some sausages...
and also the weather this week was like shit!!! (I hate german weather!)

and she was just dressed in that kimono,and had some slippers on her feet, without socks!!!

that was on tuesday, and her picture was black and white...


my mum went to the city earlier, and me and my sis, went too, but had to buy a prsent for mother's day ne
(we're going to make a photo album with YAMAPI pics we printed out,adn one poster sized pic xDDDD)

another reason why we went to the city was:

every night during the festival an animated film was showed OPEN AIRRRRR and FOR FREEEEEEEEEE

and today was WALL E ( I always wnated to watch that!!!)

my mum had done her shopping and was waiting for us while watching KODAMA-SAN painting

she got to know her betterrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! She actually talked to her and told her bout our  japan obsession!!!!!!

as we arrived there I heard things I JUST CAN'T BELIIIIIIIIIEVEEEEEEEEE

she told me with her very broken english ( it was very hard for me to understand) that she had MET JUN and KAMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

in episode 8 of NOBUTA WO PRODUCE!!! she had an APPEARANCE!!!!!!! ( i looked it up ,and it really is her!!!)
here a screen shot:

It's at around 7:00, where kame rescues her form a man, and she also punches and kicks the man xDDDDDDDD hahahah

here a cap after she punched himxD

really u have to watch it, she reminds me of MAKINO here, she was pretty funny ^^

ok ok so i met an extraaaaaaaaa, should i have asked for an autograph ?? hahahahaha

but wait, the most important part!!!!!!

The director of LAST PRINCESS is a friend of hers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and she appeared as an EXTRA in the FIRE DANCE SCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So she also met JUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(damn it, it's so hard to find her among all those people!!!!!!!!!)

ok, now I should recover from this shock and also form the amazingness of the movie WALL E ( it was brilliant, such a meaningful masterpiece, it already is a classic for me*sigh*)

AH for those intrested in her pictures here's the link for her HOMEPAGE!!!
I bought some postcards of her and she was soooooooooooooo happy, bowed all the time ^^

very surreal and amzing work I must say, and also to draw in front of people!!! I become nervous when my sister is watching me^^

tomorrow is the last day of the festival...should i get an autograph..... xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Fanvideo!!!!!!!! finally....

HI minna!!!
Well I hope so^^

All right, I've managed to upload another fanvid in the end!!!
Puhhhh, it was very hard, though it just contains pictures, but it was difficult to decide on which ones to use, as they should express the melancholic mood of the melody...

And I love this tune!!!! It's from the movie 'Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain ' (original title), aka 'Amelie of Montmartre'(international title), or 'Die fabelhafte WElt der Amelie`(german title). My piano-playing friend recommended it to me last year , when I was looking for some tunes to listen to relax myself while preparing for my exams. It was also summer start and Arashi was also always there to support me, so this melody has a deep meaning for me...

And here it is:

I really hope everyone likes it, though I always think pictures are boring myself...

PLease watch and share your opinions!!!!!!!
And I'm stiull working on 3-4 other fanvideos, so keep watching ne xDDD

life is so unexpected....

it's been just a few hrs since my last post,
which was a very genki post

and now...
I just heared a very bad news..
I can't believe it...
one of my old classmates, who was suffering from a disease... oh god
maybe it's not right to write it here...

we were not that good friends,just classmates, but still....

life is playing games with us, one moment can change everything...

sorry to disturb all of you and making ur moods bad

gomen ne 
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Me-chan wa koe ga nai....

hi minna,
excuse my wanna-be japanese, hope it was right, it should mean: me-chan has no voice!

hai, I've lost my voice 3 days ago, because of the stupid ,constantly changing germany-weather =(
well I can speek, but I sound like a crow ....


as I'm sick I didn't go to my internship today ( yesterday was very funny though,with this voice -.-)

so because of that I  could stay up very late this night, i mean VERYYYYYY late ( ne mishi xD)
and guess for what! HANAMARU CAFEEEE!!! JUNNNNN!!!

hai, it was 2 am here and I was watching my ichiban with that perfect hair and adorable west ( together with mishi haahahaha)
god it's been a while, the last time was for hyd, so 2005??!!!!

I really hope someone's gonna sub this soon, it was too good xDDDDDDDDD

after that i was actually going to go to bed, but i was dling DOOR TO DOOR and then
what do I see: HYD RETURNS was re-aired on TBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also one of the best episodes ( I just say the rain scene with a red-jacketed domyouji kyaaaaaaaaaaaa)

it was so much fun watching this actually being aired like live ,together with another crazy fangirl from the other side of the world,
with 6 hrs difference between us and 7 hrs difference to japan!!!!

Seriously,how crazy are we!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

demo hontou ni tanoshikatta desu neeeeeee!!

after that another promotional appearance of my baby should be aired ,
demo i waited and waited and it was already 4.30 am( right 04.30 AM!!!!) so i went to bed.
Just to wake up 2 and half an hr later to go to the doctor!!!!!!!!! ( there's really no more help for me hahahah)

after the doctor visit ,went to sleep again, with the intention to sleep till SMILE starts
( lucky I was ill and at home so I could watch yaaaaaaay)

and I woke up exactly one hr before it started ( man how lucky xD)

Now I don't wanna say much bout the drama, cause my japanese is...maybe not equal zero, cause I did understand bits and pieces and also i could guess and interpret somethings into it...demo i have to watch it with subs again...I HOPE SOON ^^

but here r some highlights,i could get and found kyaaaaaa:
( without any spoilers ^^)

- are japanese prisons that nice and comfy????!!!! man sugeeeeee!!!!!!!

- those extensions killed me xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

-that smile, god that smile... nothing more to say bout that ne........... *melts*

-so the name bito comes from the GODFATHER ???!!! Vito Corleone.... how interesting!!! ( or did I misunderstand this^^)

- GERMAN BANNER!!!!!!!! i already have seen it in one mag!!!! it says TONHALLE..... waaaaa xDDDD

-the crying-scene!!!! awwwwwwwwwww god I wanted to hug and comfort him, he was like a little boy ,who lost his mother!!!! It was so painful to watch him like that... but how cute and beautiful can a person cry and also smile!!!!!!!!!( JUN u r killing me maji de!)

-next episode a blond and short-haired shun is going to appear ( can't wait to hear that 'Bi-to-chan' xDDD)

Ok I think that's enough and maybe
there were some spoilers gomen ne^^ (but I couldn't resist)

man I have to say: watching a jun-drama without 'kyaaaa-ing' is impossible, muri muri,
and watching without a voice .... well u can imagine... ( my poor neighbours might have thought a crow got stuck in our building or something xDDDDDDDDD)

the first epi, got me already so pissed and angry!!!!
I can't wait for next week
!!!( but then I won't be able to watch it live, cause I hopefully be well then and back to work^^)

so this was my report on the first episode and the promotion-marathone!!!

what else did I wanna say...hmmm??.... Oh yes!! how could I forget^^
today while I was sleeping my ARASHI IS ALIVE photobook and SWITCH mag arrived ( kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!)
I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and also, there r some developements on what i wanna do in the future ( well just an idea) nothing concrete,
but i think my aim is to connect my eastern mother-country  (turkey) and far-eastern dream-country ( japan) with my currently  residence-country ( germany)  and the western world!!! ( does this make sense ^^)
hai , this is my latest thought....
but I still have no idea, how to do it and what to study to be able to do it ( hahahahahahahahah)

any ideas??? I really could need some advice minna,
so feel free to send messages and leave comments to this desperate girl ne!!!!!!



me の 嵐- paato 13

hisashiburi minna!!!

I'm sorry I didn't post for a very long time now, am so lazy...
 but after I posted my first fanvid and CALENDERRR arrived xDDDDDD I'M so happy and motivated and inspired to post another great quote of our dear arshi-chan!!!!!!

today it's a very meaningful and encouraging one ( I should really conscider it ne^^)


"You never know what'll happen in life.
You never know what obstacle you'll face.
But, surely the days will not stay the same.
As long as you keep walikng, as long as you try to change, the world will be reborn everyday.
Probably...with just one change of your feelings."

                                                                                                               - Ohno Satoshi as Yano Kenta ( Uta no Oniisan final)-

(doesn't it make you feel somehow at ease??^^ )


Fanvideo experiment!

Hi minna

For a couple of weeks I'm working on an Arashi-fanvid, but I still couldn't finish it
( making a vid is so hard, especially if you're a perfectionist)

So as I'm an impatient person, I couldn't resist to upload something else, I wnated to just to try posting a video^^

And here it is

really nothing special, but I think it fits unexpectedly well

comments and ratings on youtube are loooooooovexD

Please enjoy our hipshaking riida, dozo!!!


me の 嵐- paato 12

hello minna
hope you're all well!!!!
sorry for not posting me no arashi for so long,gomen^^

so today was friday 13th,
hope you're alright!!! Did anything bad occured??? I hope not ^^

without much talk I wanna continue with todays quote
I can't think of anything else at the moment,maybe because it's how I'm feeling right now^^


"I am very tired." ( said in english)
                                                                  -Matsumoto Jun as Bon ( Pikanchi life is hard dakara happy)-